So, this is an insight into my thought process (scary, I know). I have my painting “workflow” down to where it is pretty much second nature. I know when I want to create something, what steps to take, so that it is very automatic, which takes a lot of the stress out, & makes it much, more enjoyable. I’m trying to do the same with the digital art.

I have created color palettes, ready to go. Also I am putting together a “library” of shapes that I repeat often in my paintings, recreated in Illustrator, to easily sample, in order to copy & paste into new digital work. All the while, intensely thinking of how to make the final product reflecting my paintings which I REALLY ENJOY creating  🙂

Above is the image of the color palettes, easy to access in an Illustrator doc. I imagine this similar to having my acrylic paints lined up next to my canvas

This is a drawing on 3 separate pieces of tracing paper. This makes the “layers” of Illustrator tangible for me, practice in visualizing how I need to break down my digital work to make it easier to create & edit. Notice the x – that is the registration mark, you’ll see it on all the following layers as well…

Layer 1- line art. I am concentrating on varying line weight.

Layer 2- fill in with large areas of solid colors, trying to leave some areas white for contrast.

Layer 3-  ornate details to fill space.


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