Taking down & setting up

Thank you to Crow River Coffee for being such a wonderful February home to my “art babies”. But, alas, February is over, and so, we moved on… & here is the process of moving…

Thurs, March 1, 1:30 pm

We stop in to Crow River, saying “hi” to Andy, the friendly barista, & ordered cotton candy ice cream for Anna (4 yr old daughter)  & a latte for Grandma Opal (mother-in -law) who were along to “help”. I take down all the paintings & lovingly wrap them in blankets to transport to the back of the SUV. They had to live there (the paintings, not Anna & Grandma Opal) until Saturday, when I had scheduled the appointment to set up at Beloved Tattoo in St Paul.

– But really, the process of getting places to show, starts way (months) before. For example, yesterday, I was sending emails to other potential places, for May- August. I use mnartists.org & twincitiesfinearts.org, & google, to find leads, then research those further to find their submission guidelines. Then, communicating via phone, emails &/or  meetings to find the exact time/dates to set up & also any hanging requirements. –

Beloved studios, St.Paul

Saturday, March 3, 12:30 pm

I make sure that I have my essentials – nails (that was the hanging system ok’d , step ladder, name tags, sticky stuff to hang name tags, business cards, Bio, directions to the location, & PAINTINGS. Beloved Tattoo is funky. All my insecurities about living my sheltered farm life, bubbled up, when Sarah Jane & Dan, stopped in the “gallery” area to introduce themselves. 🙂 I wanted to ask them a bazilion child-like questions, about their art, the tattoo-ing as their actual JOB, their own tattoos, the dread-locks, what they ate for breakfast, & so on, but i refrained. There were paintings to hang. (AND I did not want to seem stalkerish.) I unwrapped each painting, moving them around as I went. The gallery space is one room, & smaller, then lets say, a library, (where they were in January) so the paintings seem even larger. I hammer & hang & adjust, until wha-la. Completion.

So, if you want to see the final stop by Beloved Tattoo in St Paul, my work will be there thru April. (AND you could get some ink from Sarah & Dan, just say’n) – the phone, address, & hours here:

1563 Como Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55108
(651) 255-3394
Tuesday – Saturday: Noon – 8pm
Closed Sundays and Mondays
****all images on this post are from belovedstudios.com website*****


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