Stack ‘o canvases, ‘o many kinds

So, I have been a-work’n! On a stack ‘o canvases. Here is a peak at the progress….

Digital– below is the latest of the digital work, not even uploaded to…. yet. My 6 year old, says that the chickens need to be pink. so we’ll see what version I upload. Any other suggestions? Maybe they need to be a “rainbow” of a variety of color-full chickens.


Below is also the Fabric “canvases” that i have been working on. I still have lots of “petals” to add- the entire pillow will be covered by the ruffles  & about 8 more pillows to start/finish. They are sewn by hand, because the sewing machine & I are just not friends (yet).

Traditional canvases- I have a stack of canvases in the closet that had been half painted & drawn on & were not to my liking. Well, they got a new fresh coat of paint for the base coat, & are waiting to be redrawn & repainted … There are several shows this fall… don’t worry, I’ll show you all the progress….


4 thoughts on “Stack ‘o canvases, ‘o many kinds

    1. yes!!! Hopefully tomorrow??!! Any certain color of chickens,that you’d like to see? I think I should do a whole “funky farm” the girls have suggested pink, red & purple horses…. hmmmm 🙂

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