The sights/sounds/smells, of my little world

Me, in action, in my studio/kitchen/world.

My “studio” also happens to be my kitchen. It works. I like to cook/bake/eat (think down-home, what your grandma might have made on Sunday dinner-type cooking) so I spend a lot of time here.  I really like to bake chocolate chip cookies….. AND give them to people. I call them the “when I want people to like me cookies”.

So this weekend, my “studio” smelled like pot-roast (my favorite) & chocolate chip cookies (also my favorite). I baked a pile of cookies, to take to the fine folks at Beloved Studios, on Saturday, when I took down my show that had been in their shop for March & April. Thanks again, to the fine folks at Beloved, it was grand. 🙂

While I was baking, I was also sketching- thats why the kitchen/studio works, for me, there is no commute or even walking distance from the oven to the laptop/sketch pad/ art supplies. While baking (smell:choc’o’chip cookies & pot roast), & sketching (sight: some crazy sketch’n’doodles)  I was listening to my favorites (sound: Keb’Mo’ & Madeleine Peyroux)

Most of my inspiration, is from being outside- especially on our farm. Who wouldn’t be inspired, I mean, BABY GOATS, are the CUTEST – EVER! We have spent a lot of time in the barn this weekend- we had 9 baby goats born.

So that’s my little world. 🙂



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