Printing the day away…..

Last spring I collaborated with the lovely Liz from Universal Pants & printed some fabric, which she turns into beautiful, flattering, fun, clothes. Check out her website. I mean does that girl look like fun, or what? Well, now she is on too… Way to go Liz!

Anyhoo, awhile back, she sent me home with a stack ‘o fabric – A whole slew of different colors, & textures. Well, today I decided it was the day to PRINT. I usually work in my kitchen/studio, but I had a lot of large pieces to print.. so… why not go outside? The garden hose made for easy clean-up & I had room to hang up the still- drying fabric. It worked out just  peachy & I am plum proud of the new designs & colors. Here are a few pics of the day & the fabrics that I printed…..

oh, & here is the post to the old blog & the post from last spring. Plus, I think it’s a hoot, to look at posts of days (or years) gone by.



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