“Immersion”, or “Progression of the next series”

As the title of this implies, I have started the first painting of the next series. (yeah!)

And this post is the beginning of the series story.

I have taken a few months off from painting my canvases, to work on a commission, print some fabric, &  work on marketing. But now I’m back. And I can see a newness emerging. My “voice” has changed. Time, experience, & new adventures have brought insight & I see it in this canvas (which is still a work in progress. Just the first layers are complete…). I had thought for a few months about where to begin, & after a conversation with a close friend it all made sense. The conversation had nothing to do with painting. She said “my boys are completely immersed in their play & I can’t pull them away.” I think I said out loud “oh, I want that” & then I heard myself a few hours later, grabbed a pencil, a 3 ft square canvas,….. & got immersed.



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