“Welcome!, Come on in…..!”

That is how my speech would begin. Followed, by me explaining/demonstrating  my painting process, & offering coffee, tea & snacks. This weekend we were stop “A” on the artwander, in Carver County. Over all, a huge success. Below is a little collage, of some of the art that was shown… it is very interesting process to take a home of a family of 4 + dog, & turn it in to a gallery/store & invite the public in. Since this was the first year, I had to work thru my questions of: 1.signage? answer: chalk board spray paint + small/large canvases  2. displaying prints? answer: wire & clothes pins 3. price tags? answer: hole punch business cards & pre-made tags from a local print shop 4. Keep kids busy? answer: much anticipated lemonade stand & grandma Opal 5. Gallery space? answer: haul toys, &  furniture out of the entire main floor 6. payment? answer: cash, check & credit card via square. I met some wonderful people, and over all had a great weekend.

*Thank you to my husband, my Lynn,  & Opal for all your help!


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