Scenes from the studio

So, you might be wondering what all the images have in common… they are bits & pieces of what I am working on getting ready for & finishing up. I am working hard, getting ready for my solo show in St cloud, (installing this Monday). It will be at the US Bank lobby, with Visual Arts Minnesota as part of their Art Scope Community Gallery Program. The top 3 images represent SOME of the “pre-show prep” 1. Is a photo of one of the first paintings I did (in the style that I am still doing), it was a series that I did in 2007 called Serenity. They were 4×5 mandalas. 2. Is a close-up of the intricate dots. They have not gone to too many shows, because they have had a semi-permant home at Green Olive, in Waconia (Thanks Mary), but will be at the show thru December. 3. Part of the “image list” that I put together for each show, it has all the vitals of each painting that will be going to the show- name, size, medium, price, etc There are 19 paintings on the list 4. each painting has to have a name tag & it is just one thing on my pre-show check-list 🙂 5. & 6. two paintings that are on the drawing table right now- I was amused by the contrast of scale between the first paintings & these…. the first paintings were 4×5 INCHES, the latest- 3 FEET square… oh so much more room,  for so many more dots! 7. & 8. The Guppies painting just finished it’s Show  “Artists of Carver County”. It ran Aug-Oct at the MN Landscape Arboretum (Thanks to my Anna & our great friend, for posing 🙂


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