Commission Completed

Commission Complete

It started with an email from a very kind couple Question: ” Do you do commissions? ” My Answer: yes! Emails, of questions and answers followed with the commission process.

1. a very large (5ft wide x 4 ft high) canvas was the size and structure chosen by the client to fill their living room, which had a large empty wall above a sofa. I typically work in our kitchen because it is the central spot in our house & I can “hide” in plain sight and work during any spare moments. I extended our kitchen table to accommodate the large canvas, because I need a flat surface so the dots of color do not run. Here it is vertical, so that I could pencil in the design. 2. I had 3 initial designs that I emailed the client. When they approved one digital design then we sent emails back and forth making changes on layout and color, perfecting that one design. I transfered the design by looking at the print out of the digital design and drawing it on the canvas in pencil. I also assigned a number to the colors and wrote that number on the color of paint and also on my digital layout and then wrote a large number on the canvas, essentially creating a 5 ft color by number. I did this because the layout was quite detailed and I was streamlining the process.  3. I mailed the couple paint swatches that matched the paint that I had chosen. This was a solution to the problem of computer screens showing shades of color differently. What I saw on my computer was “purple” might be a different shade of “purple” or “rust”, seeing the paint chips gave them concrete idea of the shade I was going to use. 4-6. The progression of the black under-painting being painted on. It did take 2 coats of black acrylic, one coat looked too gray & the dots of color would not have stood out on the gray. It is the deep black that creates the contrast with the bright colors. 7-8. Applying the dots. 🙂 I’ll be honest, there were times, especially in the painting’s “half-done, awkward stage” that I REALLY got discouraged, but I just turned up the ear phones a little louder, ignored the self-doubt & dotted on. 9. Commission completed. Like any & all projects there were MANY things learned during the time from beginning to the end of the project. Learning is so humbling, and also, so very exhilarating.

THANK YOU to the kind couple for this opportunity 🙂


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