New works for May at the Chanhassen Library

0513 May show


Yeah! I did finish some new work, just in time, to hang at the Chanhassen library. It will be on display now- May 31. (1-6) New, a series of 6, 8×8, pen drawings on paper. I started with a uniform circle (I traced a plate) & filled with “zentangle” style line work.  They are completely free-form, meaning besides, the initial circle, there isn’t a plan as to how they will turn out. I just draw them line by line, making some line weights thicker, some spaces totally filled in, or some left white. These are so fun & so addicting, I plan on making  A LOT more of them! (7) A new painting is also on display, “Be Happy”, a 24×36, acrylic on canvas. I tend to paint birds & butterflies, & flowers, things that are pretty, & make me happy. If I am going to spend any amount of time, doing something, I want to explore the sunny side of things. That’s just me. This painting was fun to work on, because I was trying to do a blend of monochromatic (one color), it really uses MANY colors, background- of pinks, browns, golds for the leaves/butterflies, do that the one Blue butterfly & surrounding leaves would really stand out. It did make me happy. And now…. on to more work! 🙂


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