New Paintings

A new series of Paintings! Actually a new process 🙂 While working on the paintings last winter I was trying to capture the movement of water/waves. The process I was using at the time, was applying dots of paint with the end of a paintbrush. My image was “wavey” but I wanted the PAINT to move… a little research & I found “pouring medium” an additive that could be mixed with acrylic paint. IT IS AWESOME! I recommend by the largest size of pouring medium & several plastic containers with tight fitting lids. Then you can put  colors of acrylic paint in each container, and add the pouring medium- mix. This is a MESSY process. BE warned- have trays/plastic under the canvas. I used 3 ft x 3ft canvases with baking rack trays under, but you could start much smaller. I poured several colors at one end of the canvas & then moved the canvas back and forth until the canvas was covered & paint dripped off the sides 🙂

The result of the colors sliding around, is more of an oil slick- the colors move side by side without mixing (red & blue will slide next to each other, even overlap, but not become purple) SO COOL & so FUN!

#3 Process Hi Res 01 Hi Res


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