New Paintings

A new series of Paintings! Actually a new process 🙂 While working on the paintings last winter I was trying to capture the movement of water/waves. The process I was using at the time, was applying dots of paint with the end of a paintbrush. My image was “wavey” but I wanted the PAINT to move… a little research & I found “pouring medium” an additive that could be mixed with acrylic paint. IT IS AWESOME! I recommend by the largest size of pouring medium & several plastic containers with tight fitting lids. Then you can put  colors of acrylic paint in each container, and add the pouring medium- mix. This is a MESSY process. BE warned- have trays/plastic under the canvas. I used 3 ft x 3ft canvases with baking rack trays under, but you could start much smaller. I poured several colors at one end of the canvas & then moved the canvas back and forth until the canvas was covered & paint dripped off the sides 🙂

The result of the colors sliding around, is more of an oil slick- the colors move side by side without mixing (red & blue will slide next to each other, even overlap, but not become purple) SO COOL & so FUN!

#3 Process Hi Res 01 Hi Res


Thanks Art Force!

ArtForce_Logo_Sm1 MCC_SmartArt-300x199

I am so happy to say, that as of  January, I signed up with Art Force, in Minneapolis, as part of their “Smart Rotating Art Program” 

Check out this  video that describes a bit about the company of Art Force  & their “Rotating Art Program”. Pretty Cool.

(Above images courtesy of website)

September there was an art opening to kick off the Exhibition at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Below is an excerpt from, describing the opening of the convention Center Show:

Opening Event at Minneapolis Convention Center

Art Force Holds Opening Event at Minneapolis Convention Center

SmartArt Rotating Art Program Features 14 Local Artists at the Venue

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Sep. 17, 2014 /William Kieger, President of Art Force announced today that an opening event was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, currently exhibiting 36 pieces of original art created by 14 local artists. The Minneapolis Convention Center is the first large public venue to subscribe to the SmartArt Rotating Art Program,an online marketplace providing a distribution channel for original art. The program gives any size organization the opportunity to experience original fine art created by local artists on a rotating basis for a monthly subscription fee.


The opening was attended by Art Force staff, Minneapolis city officials and business leaders and professionals who support and appreciate the creative culture and economy in the Minneapolis area.

According to Kieger, “We have been developing the SmartArt Rotating Art Program for about a year now and with the Minneapolis Convention Center as a client we have a public showcase for local artists in the Minneapolis community to exhibit their amazing creations. The Minneapolis Convention Center is a gateway for many visitors exploring the city and to become aware of the vibrant arts and creative culture”.

For one affordable monthly fee, clients get original artwork that can be rotated out every six months. That means new art on the walls twice a year. The Smart Art Program provides Art Force with recurring revenues from each client.

Art Force has developed and is continuing to invest in a web-based platform to facilitate the Smart Art Program, which will improve the company’s ordering and fulfillment process, as well as efficiencies. The model is to be expanded to other cities over the next year.

Subscribers can go to and with the guidance of Art Consultants select art from an online portfolio featuring area artists, which is then installed and eligible to be rotated every six months for a fresh look. There is also a purchase option and financing available.”

“This program is scalable and simplifies the business for our clients, community of artists in major cities and our company and shareholders,” said Kieger.  “It’s a win-win-win.”

There are currently six sites, including The Minneapolis Convention Center and organizations representing industries such as restaurant, financial services, insurance, commercial real estate and employee staffing.


New works for May at the Chanhassen Library

0513 May show


Yeah! I did finish some new work, just in time, to hang at the Chanhassen library. It will be on display now- May 31. (1-6) New, a series of 6, 8×8, pen drawings on paper. I started with a uniform circle (I traced a plate) & filled with “zentangle” style line work.  They are completely free-form, meaning besides, the initial circle, there isn’t a plan as to how they will turn out. I just draw them line by line, making some line weights thicker, some spaces totally filled in, or some left white. These are so fun & so addicting, I plan on making  A LOT more of them! (7) A new painting is also on display, “Be Happy”, a 24×36, acrylic on canvas. I tend to paint birds & butterflies, & flowers, things that are pretty, & make me happy. If I am going to spend any amount of time, doing something, I want to explore the sunny side of things. That’s just me. This painting was fun to work on, because I was trying to do a blend of monochromatic (one color), it really uses MANY colors, background- of pinks, browns, golds for the leaves/butterflies, do that the one Blue butterfly & surrounding leaves would really stand out. It did make me happy. And now…. on to more work! 🙂

July @the Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop + Coffee Bar



Whoo hoo. I am very excited to say that my art will be at the Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop + Coffee Bar in July. Below is some info from their website describing their awesome location, especially in the summer. I am REALLY looking forward to it! See you there in July!

“Located in the heart of South Minneapolis, about 10 blocks south of the Midtown Greenway, near Lake Hiawatha Minnehaha Falls and the Minnehaha Parkway, and few minutes from the great Mississippi River.

The shop and cafe share one large open space with a full espresso bar, comfortable seating area, beautiful bicycle gallery, and exposed service area that allows for interaction with the friendly and knowledgeable staff. “

May, August, & September 2013


That’s me on the left, dramatically posing in front of my art at last year’s Artwander

(photo courtesy of  2012)

I am gearing up & looking forward to, the next few months of art shows.

Here are the dates & locations for the next few shows…..

 May-June  2013 • Chanhassen Library • 7711 Kerber Blvd, Chanhassen, MN 55317

August 2013 • Three Crows • 225 N River St  Delano, MN 55328  (check out this youtube video to get a feel for the place)

September 28, 29 2013 • Art Wander • Various locations around Carver County, MN

Commission Completed

Commission Complete

It started with an email from a very kind couple Question: ” Do you do commissions? ” My Answer: yes! Emails, of questions and answers followed with the commission process.

1. a very large (5ft wide x 4 ft high) canvas was the size and structure chosen by the client to fill their living room, which had a large empty wall above a sofa. I typically work in our kitchen because it is the central spot in our house & I can “hide” in plain sight and work during any spare moments. I extended our kitchen table to accommodate the large canvas, because I need a flat surface so the dots of color do not run. Here it is vertical, so that I could pencil in the design. 2. I had 3 initial designs that I emailed the client. When they approved one digital design then we sent emails back and forth making changes on layout and color, perfecting that one design. I transfered the design by looking at the print out of the digital design and drawing it on the canvas in pencil. I also assigned a number to the colors and wrote that number on the color of paint and also on my digital layout and then wrote a large number on the canvas, essentially creating a 5 ft color by number. I did this because the layout was quite detailed and I was streamlining the process.  3. I mailed the couple paint swatches that matched the paint that I had chosen. This was a solution to the problem of computer screens showing shades of color differently. What I saw on my computer was “purple” might be a different shade of “purple” or “rust”, seeing the paint chips gave them concrete idea of the shade I was going to use. 4-6. The progression of the black under-painting being painted on. It did take 2 coats of black acrylic, one coat looked too gray & the dots of color would not have stood out on the gray. It is the deep black that creates the contrast with the bright colors. 7-8. Applying the dots. 🙂 I’ll be honest, there were times, especially in the painting’s “half-done, awkward stage” that I REALLY got discouraged, but I just turned up the ear phones a little louder, ignored the self-doubt & dotted on. 9. Commission completed. Like any & all projects there were MANY things learned during the time from beginning to the end of the project. Learning is so humbling, and also, so very exhilarating.

THANK YOU to the kind couple for this opportunity 🙂

“I’m please to say your piece made it into Essential Art!”


That is the email I received last night! WHOO HOO! Below is a little more info about the show & the Opening reception. Check out Visual Arts Minnesota’s blog too, they have great resources!

Here is a link with more details of the Essential Arts Celebration at the Paramount Theatre You can register to go too, from this link

Visual Arts Minnesota 

13th annual Essential Art juried group exhibition.

Open to Minnesota residents. Work in any media (painting, drawing, photography, etc.), sculpture completed within the past two years.
Visual Arts Minnesota creates opportunities for visual artists to exhibit and promote their work while providing resources to help with their careers. The Paramount Theatre is a historic St. Cloud Landmark that brings in thousands of people for various performances, plays and musicals.

The Essential Art Exhibition has been an opportunity for artists to come together on a yearly basis and exhibit their best work.


Exhibition Dates run January 6 – February 14, 2013

Award Ceremony and Celebration January 11, 6:30-8:30

Artist Reception 6:30-7:15

Awards Ceremony begins at 7:30

Juror Talk: Christopher Atkins

Musical Performance by Peter Johnson & Tyler Tholl